My last weekend

I felt so sad to realise that I've only got 5 nights, 4 days left here. I'm excited to see my family and friends an all that but the rest of Finland... No thanks :::)

I jumped Pones yesterday again, and he was so much more relaxed and just soooo good!! We were supposed to jump today but didn't so I did some light flat work with draw reins. Canter was difficult, but probably just because we were in the indoor arena and poor Pony hates that motherf'r.

I'm very happy with Annie and how she's improved. Two days in a row she's been really good and nearly soft, and actually even submitted in all gaits both rings :) Yayay. MoCara was a lazy shit today, and didn't even sweat I did tho, eff off old man... but yeah he can be a bit of a cunt at times. Excuse the bad language. I'm slightly irritated at the minute.


Oona x.

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