Howaya, I'm not gonna be posting here until I'm in an English-speaking environment and point of life again. So meanwhile I'll be found here, although in Finnish for once. Thanks bye, see youse.



been a while again hehe. I've been busy and stressed out cos of school and work ( that I don't have ) etc. And will be, so I'll probably just put this fecker on the shelf for a bit now. See yous

Oona x
Latvian gelding Felix (Favoriit II) 6.10. 80cm class
Copyright Sonja Wesa

C Sonja Wesa

hacking with my friends mare :)

Another friends horse Radars-Raf-Graf "Rade". Don't mind the approach. C Hanna :)


lookin' gooooddd..

Okay, I'm in Finland without money or a job. This is looking soooo godforsaken bright. On the genuinely bright side, now that I'm unemployed and nearly hobby-less, I've had so much time to actually see my Finnish friends and actually have even liked it :)

AND I just came back home from a nice 21 kilometre walk in the beautiful, sunny Helsinki with my dear sister :) It was funnn.

Oona x


10 days in Finland

and I've had enough!
Ok, on the bright side I DID get my old job back, and even my friends remember me and all that. I miss Pones like craaaazay and Annie and MoCara and THE HOUSE sweet cheesus.. And the flatmate but I'm not admitting that to anyone.

School started and sucks more ass than ever and I'm sick of it already.. :D

Oona x



Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold on Grooveshark

Time to pack my bags and go.
Or actually hoover my room, do the dishes, find my flatmate and cry my eyes out as I say bye to him and then go.
I slept 1 hour and have cried since 10AM.

gonna miss you buddy<3

Oona x

the last night

My flatmate was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper nice today so that's already enough to make my day whole life :)

Now I'm waiting for him and his friend to come home from Dublin and drinking Nutella+rum hot chocolate. Life's ok if you leave out the fact that tomorrow's gonna be the saddest day in my life so far or something.

Also there's an Australian boy on YouTube, and he just posted a video where he came out as gay. People like him really inspire me and I'm really happy for him and proud of him :) This text is a link to it, watch it, he's wonderful<3

Oona x