It's wonderful how boys can be cool with their feminine side, but...

SERIOUSLY I've got a feeling that my 100% male yep I've checked lol just kiddin flat mate just used my shampoo. I mean sure it's quite a unisex type of a shampoo but, still...? Ehh. Maybe next he wants to borrow my blowdryer and then the deodorant and then concealer? Sure it would be cool to share the leave-in conditioner with him as well but I PAID LIKE 3€ FOR THAT MOTHERFUCKIN SHAMPOO bitch. And yeah...

I jumped Pones in the morning, for the first time in the jumping field. At first he was tense and spooky and not even as forward as usually, but after warm-up and canter I got some of the nervousness out of him. We started with poles on a straight line, just back and forth in canter so that he's under control. Then we moved on to a small small as in literally tiny vertical, which he cleared fine, no spooking and not even too fast and he came back ok as well. After that we moved on to another vertical with wings, and he spooked at that a bit but jumped ok. Then we were told to come again, but this time one of the wings was under the fence. Oh boy was it scary, but he cleared it ok at the first attempt as well.

We jumped those two a couple times as a line as well, and I was supposed to get him back as quickly as possible. Went ok, I guess. The fences weren't big, the height was really not the point today thankfully. 

After that we moved on to apparently a SUPER SCARY VERTICAL WITH A SUPER SCARY GATE UNDERNEATH IT and that was when shit started going down... Ya he got a bit mad at me for getting mad at him and then when I finally thought he WAS going, turned out he wasn't and I found myself on the ground and and and... He didn't refuse after that but jumped it quite well a couple times, and I was quite happy with him like that. Then we jumped another scary vertical, but it went pretty good because I guess I knew what to expect and Pony realised that we'd get mad at him if he didn't behave. So we jumped that two times from both sides and then the whole "course" combined.

The course went well, and we were both happy with baby and he seemed quite chuffed himself as well. We're going to jump tomorrow and the day after tomorrow again, and to quote my boss/in this occasion coach "see how he changes". The aim is to get him to be confident and to trust me and to realise that I know what we're doing hahhahahahhaha yeea. and that way to stay under control and spook less. That's one hell of a goal if you ask me but if you never try you'll never know.

And just to avoid a 10000th photo-less post, here you go.

What are wo going to do today, Brainy?

I'm off to watch Larry Stylinson analysis videos and cry over fanfic. Goodbye
Oona x

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