la da dee laa la da do

I'm feeling extraordinary light-headed at the moment. I jumped the pony again in the morning and... Well.

First 4 or 5 jumps went well. Then my coach lifted the vertical up to about 100 cm, and first two times went great. Then I guess Pones had had enough or something, and refused a couple times, just ran past it and was a bit out of control. Then I got him to jump it again from both sides after using some interesting voice aids didn't know I could shout GO so loud oh my goodness and I thought he was all good again. But nope! Next time we approached, he was going, felt like he was going, I was going and oops he changed his mind and wasn't going and stopped and I landed face down somewhere between in/under and in front of the fence. It didn't hurt too bad, my thighs are slightly swollen and bruised and ribs hurt, but no biggie.

Pony took off but thankfully didn't run away, only to the corner of the arena and started eating. I caught him ok, and was mounting him, just getting my leg over his back when he took off, started bucking and I was on the ground again, this time landed on my back/neck though. Yeeaa bells ringing in my head and legs shaking and all that lovely kind of shite. Sooo I got back up again, and HA he took off again ::) galloped like 5 rounds around the arena with me on the back with no sitrrups. When I finally got him back, we walked for a while and then jumped a small vertical from both sides so that it was sort of in the middle of a figure of eight. But oh no, it wasn't over for that little cunt yet. My coach got up himself, and schooled him for a good 15-20 minutes. Made me feel like a super crappy rider tho, watching him work and Pony just being like a little angel. Cheers.

Then I got back up again myself, did a couple transitions and halts and backing and finally gave him a long walk.

I'm feeling rather weak at the minute, can't really move my arms, legs hurt, thighs sore as hell, ribs hurt, abs hurt and I have a teerrrrible headache. Just hope it's not at least not a bad concussion or anything :/ My riding hat's not looking so good though, gotta check that it's not broken :/

Woah, I'm getting some rest now before riding the other two and walking the pony in the afternoon... Also because it's probably my last day of work, I'm gonna have to clean up everything and everywhere so... Yay.

Oona x


  1. nyt on menny vähä väärinpäi noi nappulat oikeella ''horses'' ja ''blog'' välillä XDD