I'm in a really bad mood today, and just feel like shoving preferably big, heavy, sharp things at people and then going home and eating chocolate highlight of the day so far has been a package I got from Finland, that had my favourite cutest ever shirt, chocolate and licorice-ish thing in it<3 thanks ma and da :33 for the rest of the day ;__;

MoCara was ok in the morning, but on the other hand I didn't ask him to really do anything anyway... Pony was pretty good but was bucking like hell in canter. I'll have to check if his back is sore or something, and double-check the saddle :/ If not, he's gonna have a bad time... Just Annie left, and I'll probably just hack her in the afternoon and then give Pones and MoCara baths. They're such dirty boys.

Oona x

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