My Irish bucket list

things I want to do before I leave this damn country. UPDATES ARE IN GREEN ::)

~ See races/ jump races A HUNT CHASE COUNTS. It was crazy. All messed up holy crap.
~ Drink proper cool real Irish whiskey
~ Learn some Irish words
~ Visit the leprechaun museum
~ See the Hill of Tara this one's tricky, I don't have a car or anyone to go with... Damn.
~ Slea Head drive at 5am the same goes with this one as the last one
~ Actually have/make a friend outside work!!!! A non-horsey person is bonus but not inevitable
~ Go to Cork
~ Picnic at St. Stephens Green
~ Go see show jumping YESS GP today :) 28th of July it is
~ Go to a show myself
~ Jump a 100 cm--> fence with Pony this is the one most likely to happen here :D
~ Get the accent properly :D The one I've got now is a terrible American/English tangle
~ Dublin Horse Show
~ Stay overnight somewhere else but our house.

2 weeks to go. It's on bitches.

Oona x

Oh and btw, for some reason me and the flat mate have stopped communicating. We don't talk. No words. Nothing, nada, ingenting, aon rud, rien. Don't know why. hashtag confused.

Pony was super with the draw reins today <3 yay. Achievement unlocked, a relaxed horse in less than 15 minutes!


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