that bloody bastard!

I went hacking with MoCara today, and fell off the fecking cunt. He was going so fast and woho and I got a bit carried away, so the twat stopped and started bucking all of a sudden and I found myself on the ground. So yeah, can't really lift my right arm now because my shoulder hurts so bad... Luckily I had ridden Pony already, and only went for a walk with Annie.

My boss's son has been super helpful today, he tacked up both MoCara and Annie for me and I felt so professional hahah :D I'll just leave out the fact that I had to basically take the bridle off Annie and then put it back on, and that the horses were quite dirty... Thought counts! In the morning before the episode with MoCara, I rode Pony. I started in the jumping field but baby was too scared of the hideous huge wall that they've built in there... It's something like 2m high, seriously no idea what for. So I came back to the outdoor arena and worked for a while to get him good and relaxed, and then did some transitions in canter and trot, and some flying changes the aim was to get him to do them without bucking... Yeah didn't quite get there but at least he wasn't running around like mad this time. Pony was pretty good, will try and find new draw reins because the pair I had was waaay too big :( He worked quite well with the egg-butt snaffle so I'm keeping that for now :)

Oona x

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