all it takes is faith and trust and a little bit of fairy dust

to jump the pony! And lots and lots of voice aids. I warmed him up by myself in the outdoor arena. He was quite nice and soft, and not as spooky as I expected. Of course he got excited about canter but was still ok and quiet enough. Then Alain came and built a little fence, and we jumped that a few times. He told me to try to get him back as soon as possible after the jump, and also always aim for that one more stride in the approach. The approaches were mostly good, although Pony was really forward and excited. After a couple attempts he came back well after the jump as well. I was happy with Pony and it was sooo nice to ride him again<3 Tomorrow we'll work in the jumping field. I found a different bit so I'll see if he's better with a D-ring three piece snaffle or if we get back to the super soft snaffle he has :) Alain also told me to use draw reins on him, just to get the head back down when he starts bitching with his mouth.
MoCara was super annoying today again, I tried to get him excited by doing some pole working in the outdoor arena but no... So then we went to the jumping field and did a few rounds galloping in both directions and then a long cool-off. Not chuffed :(
Annoyed about MoCara I decided to take Annie for a hack again, and she didn't let me down :) we both got in a very good mood and Annie was sooo fast and wasn't even scared of the cows at all anymore. Yay

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