Seriously, what?

Day 2, I'm still fine?

I started watching the film yesterday but then another boy "fucking italian cunt" like we call him came over to use our WiFi and had a bottle of fancy Italian white wine with him. So I just sat with him in the living room, oh so socially with our computers. The bathroom boy was reading in the living room at first, but left when the Italian started skype-ing with someone. Doesn't sound like much fun, but it actually was quite a pleasant night :)

This morning I rode MoCara in the jumping field. He was super annoying, spooky, numb and lazy. :( So annoyed from that I decided to go hacking with Annie, and she was perfect. We both had a good time there :)

In the afternoon my inner horse-whisperer will be needed, when I first try and catch a 1,something y/o stallion and then give him medicine in his mouth... Should be interesting! Then we'll try and catch the two foals as well and give them the same stuff. That has been done once already and it went alright, but then I had Carla helping me and now I have my boss's son... Thumbs up -.-'

Oona x

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