here's to my flatmate, hope you never see this.


You're a total dick
You're annoying
You're loud on the phone
You don't reply to my messages lol wonder why
You have mood swings. Serious mood swings
You're a dick
You wear weird jeans. You have the body of a damn model, please dress better.
You like someone else ;__;
I like you.

You're cute
And kinda hot in your own way
You're nice when you want to be
You weren't loud on the phone last night after I told you I was going to bed seriously I love you for that
You've emptied the bin TWICE more than what I was hoping for.
You were both funny AND nice to me five seconds ago
I like you
Read again the one before the last one.
I really like you :/
You're the best flatmate one can have.
You make ugly clothes look good
Whenever you're nice you make my day
And even the next one.

Fuck off :/

Oona x

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