when I grow up I want to be a rodeo rider

Haa I was in the jumping field with MoCara today when they led four ponies past it and MoCara went crazy and started rearing and bucking and bouncing around and oh Lord... I didn't even fall off so it's ok. Ha it was still funny lol, I had no idea the poor man was able to move like that. I'm gonna have to be harder on him from now on.

Annie was good in the morning, did some pole work with her and the lady was so excited and forward. Pony has a day off today, hopefully he's full  of energy tomorrow... Jumping with him again soon!

My loudly-on-the-phone-talking flat mate actually said sorry when I told him that I can't sleep in my room when he's on the phone. And well yeah, laughed, but the sorry counts doesn't it? I think we're cool now over all, had a normal conversation yesterday and everything :)

A very relevant post this here.

Oona x

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